Malawi University of Science students want witchdoctor to stop theft cases

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Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) students have said they will enlist the services of a witchdoctor to end theft cases at their campus.

The students have announced their intention in a memo dated 2 December, 2021 and signed by concerned students.

According to the students, the current semester started five weeks ago but eight laptops and five cell phones as well as some clothes have been stolen at the campus.

The students have projected that over 20 laptops will be stolen by the end of the semester if the trend continues hence the need to end the malpractice.

“As concerned citizens we have decided that if we can raise some funds so that we can treat the malpractice traditionally (using witchdoctors). We will communicate shortly how the money will be collected,” reads part of the memo.

MUST Spokesperson James Mphande and Student Union President Lampard Windi Kamanga have since confirmed the issue to the local media. According to the two, the criminal acts are currently under investigations.

Meanwhile, Malawians on social media have expressed concern over the plans to hire a witchdoctor, saying MUST should use science to deal with the problem.

“This is our best science institution how does it have students who think they can use Asinganga (witchdoctor) to fight crime? What are they teaching them?” said one social media user.

“Scientists resorting to non-scientific means. Develop alarms and other things to monitor your rooms,” said another.


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  1. Wtchdoctors advising “science” students in a a university purported to advance the study of science, undemocratic antics by politicians, malfeasance, cronyism, corruption — no wonder Malawi is undeveloped and considered just another African basket case.

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