I will come back to South Africa – Bushiri

Shepherd Bushiri fugitive money laundering

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, an alleged fugitive who is fighting extradition to South Africa to face fraud and money laundering charges, is reportedly ready to return to the Rainbow nation if his safety is guaranteed.

News24 reports that Bushiri is willing to return to South Africa if authorities guarantee his safety and that he will be out on bail during his trial.

“In an emailed response, Bushiri’s spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo, said: ‘If South Africa meets the conditions for his safety, and guarantees they will take him to trial and not poison like last time, then he will come. According to Nyondo, what the prophet wants is to have a fair trial in South Africa'”, reports News24.

“Nyondo claimed, without providing evidence, that Bushiri was poisoned in custody and that was the reason he also left” it is further reported.

However, Bushiri’s spokesperson claimed News24 reports were fake and published by the media with the goal of extorting money from the Enlighted Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader fondly known as Major 1.

“It’s all lies”, said Nyondo while denying being interviewed by News24. He called the publication’s reports as “fake news”.

“This is the lowest that South African media can sink in their every day’s futile attempt to extort money from my boss, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, through publishing fake and damaging articles to threaten us into submission.

“In the article below, my name is being quoted yet I have never given an interview to them. I have never spoken to any journalist from News24 but I wake up to see my name being quoted. What’s wrong with South African media?” he wondered.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri fled to Malawi last November together with his alleged partner in crime, wife and Prophetess Mary Bushiri.

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