Lilongwe Mayor intervenes after Council closes Malawi ruling party offices


Lilongwe City Council (LCC) earlier today closed Malawi Congress Party (MCP) headquarters over unpaid city rates earlier but the Malawi ruling party offices have been reopened after the city’s Mayor intervened.

The Council sealed the MCP Headquarters earlier today due to unpaid city rates.

Lilongwe council earlier closed the MCP offices

Mayor Juliana Kaduya who is a member of the Malawi Congress Party rushed to the premises following the closure and negotiated with officials from her council for the re-opening of the offices.

The MCP headquarters were reopened after the intervention of Kaduya who is also supposed to be leading the council in the campaign to ensure that city rates are being paid.

In 2017, the council told the party that it was required to pay K265 Million city rates for the property which is located at City Centre in the Capital City.

In 2019, four city councils in the country were owed K15 billion in unpaid city rates. City councils usually complain that residents’ failure to pay city rates is affecting service delivery in the cities.