Tollgates to squeeze ministers too – Kazako

We might be together in this. Information Minister Gospel Kazako has announced that cabinet ministers will also be paying at the tollgates being rolled out in the country.

Kazako has been quoted in the media as saying that confusion over who pays the exorbitant fees granting motorists access on Malawi roads is now settled.

He said that some cabinet ministers had assumed that they were exempt from the charges. This however, he said, is not the case.

The minister has said that when using the tollgates, ministers will also be required to pay an access fee with money from their own pockets.

Meanwhile, reports have indicated that some minibus drivers are avoiding the contentious tax by using routes in communities.

According to media reports, the department of road traffic services has said it will look into the matter.

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  1. Ministers must pay K5000 whn passing the tollgate, and the rest K700

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