Faith leaders urged to protect environment

Faith leaders have been urged to encourage their followers to take part in initiatives aimed at protecting the environment.

The call was made on Sunday during an event by Faith for Climate Change Justice and Green Faith International in partnership with Christian Outreach Justice Mission.

Speaking with Malawi24, Country Coordinator for Green Faith International Sheikh Ishmael Amini said they have embarked on the journey of protecting environment through faith groups considering that they contribute a lot to the environment.

“We don’t want to see things like deforestation. What we really want is to see people being supportive by taking care of the environment by planting trees. We want change and it must start with us. Malawi is our country we have to take care of it before things becomes more difficult,” said Amini.

He then asked the leaders to encourage their followers to lead by example when it comes to issues of environment.

One of the participants Ras Galawanda who is  Chairperson for Nyahbinghi at Kawale said that his expectations from the organization is to provide them with tree seedlings and other resources that can contribute in bringing back the environment.

Galawanda added that government should also provide other alternatives to charcoal users instead of just banning charcoal without any proper solution to the problem at hand.

On his part, Member for Area 25B Mosque Gift Champion Kandondo said the environment is very important because it’s part of everyone’s life as such the meeting came on time and they are eager to work with the organization.

The meeting which was conducted at Islamic Information Bureau was attended by Christians, Muslims and Rastafarians.