Malawians back Makhadzi


Malawians have expressed their support for South African female musician Makhadzi who became a victim of body shaming after her performance at Sand Music Festival over the weekend.

Writing on social media, Malawians have condemned the behavior in strong terms.

One of the organizers for the event musician Lucius Banda said it is sad that some misguided people are frustrating efforts to market the country through art.

“While others struggle to put Malawi on the tourism map through entertainment, others keep destroying the efforts by taking this negativity of ours too far,” said Banda.

Award winning gospel hip hop musician Gwamba has described the Limpopo queen as a winner despite all the negative publicity.

“To me, this lady is a winner. Very young and carefree, living her best life. She came to Malawi, did her job, cashed out Millions and flew out. A big S/O to her,” reads part of Gwamba`s message.

Makhadzi became a subject of ridicule when a picture which exposes her thighs went viral on social media.

In her response, Makhadzi expressed her disappointment with the photographer for putting the picture in the public domain when many innocent images of her were taken during the performance.






  1. One thing we shouldn’t forget is that we are Africans and we need to love and support one another, when we go out of Africa we are taken as dogs who came’s only but to beg, we are not treated as human beings out there but still we choose to inflict such ill treatment on ourselves too.

    Makhadzi Waboniwe is a perfect example of a true african who really appreciates being an African, her loverly music says it all. When she chose to come to Malawi she wasn’t only willingly coming to accept the little we as Malawians can offer her, but also she came to support and ensure the divesity of African tourism, if she wanted she could have visted the USA even UK but she say no let me support my fellow Africans.

    Malawians are well known people for their peace loving and respect on one another all over the world. And for that reason almost every Celebrite known today want to Vist the “Warm Heart of Africa” but I bet “Ras Kansengwa” is about to destroy all that and that is his immediate intention.

  2. The camera man was surposed to be sued coz of that pic.

  3. Anthu mumafuna avale bwanji, she came to entertain us and ndipo anatisangalatsa.After all it wasn’t a gospel show.more love Makhaza

  4. We are all Africans, let us support our sister, as long you put food on the table for your family, it’s a job… Respect your self….

  5. Which Malawians are you talking about? Please stop abusing Malawians. If u are the one apologising just state u are apologising on behalf of Malawians.

    1. Are you for real….. You get used to wear long dresses and skirts… The photographer takes lots of pictures but he chooses only that picture out of all of them….

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