Improve your mealtimes with these delicious recipe apps in 2021

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A busy work schedule or simply a lack of inspiration can make cooking a tricky task for some people on occasions. Eating the same food all the time can be boring, so too can using the same type of ingredients. The food culture in Malawi is strong, though, with influences from a wide variety of countries worldwide.

In order to uncover some of the best national dishes or even to discover a variety of different treats from other countries, people are turning to a selection of popular recipe apps to spruce up their mealtimes. Apps have certainly taken over many aspects of our lives in 2021, with people using the powerful smartphone devices of today to not just update social media statuses and sample no deposit casinos for thrills, but to also manage things like their diet and to eat mouth-watering food. Some apps provide helpful step-by-step instructions for any novice cooks out there, while others might serve up more complicated dishes for you to tackle ahead of a big family occasion or if you want to impress your partner with some culinary skills of your own.

If you need some inspiration in the kitchen, then give some of these delicious recipe apps a try.

Clean and Green eating 

Sometimes eating clean is easier said than done but with a helping hand from an app like Clean and Green eating it’s made all more easier. At the time of writing, the app features more than 200 recipes with a strong focus on clean ingredients and eating plenty of greens. The app also comes with a useful feature that lets you list ingredients you have in your kitchen, then from there it will match you up with a tasty recipe.

The South African Food Recipe App

 Championing South African cuisine in particular, the South African Food Recipe App gives users access to a huge selection of ingredients and recipes. Most of the dishes featured are based on what is in season at that time, helping you to shop for the ingredients in your local store in the process. With its helpful step-by-step instructions on how to cook some of the dishes, too, the South African Food Recipe App is an excellent option.

The BraaiNation app 

Keen to improve your braai game? If so, then the BraaiNation app most definitely has you covered with its comprehensive offering of a range of tips. From stunning lamb chops to crispy braai bread, the app features a huge list of recipes that can be accessed at the touch of a few buttons on your smartphone. The app even comes with a Braaiphone timer in case you’re worried about losing track of the cooking process while you’re catching up with family and friends.


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Plan your meals with ease thanks to the incredibly useful MealBoard app. MealBoard’s aim is to make planning your weekly dishes a more simple task with its shopping list feature, item tracking tool, and the option of importing your favourite recipes onto the app. If you’re keen to create a weekly menu or you want to stick to a particular diet plan, then MealBoard is a great app to help you get nail it.


Making cooking fun and simple, SideChef boasts an extensive selection of gorgeous recipes which come with step-by-step instructions, photos and voice commands. Offering a wide range of different dishes from around the world, SideChef is a fantastic option for people who want to brush up on their cooking skills and eat stunningly delicious food in the process.