7 Things You Should Know About Healthy Food


Every single day there’s a new addition to the world of healthy foods and healthy eating. As well as a ton of different influencers that giving parents advice on what they need to do to instill healthy eating habits for their children and family in general.

There are many positives when it comes to eating healthy foods. Not only will you feel better, but you will be able to function properly as well. By giving your body ”good” fuel you’re allowing it to function properly for your benefit.

We have studied in depth the necessary ingredients and different foods that make up a healthy diet for you and your family. And we would like to share with you seven things that you need to know when it comes to the need to know about healthy foods.

1. Herbal Supplements Aren’t Always Safe

Many herbal supplements are produced from roots, seeds, fruits, and plant leaves. And while they are labeled as healthy and safe this is not always the case when it comes to the consumption of herbal supplements.

This is because just because a company claims to list all of the ingredients on the side of the bottle doesn’t mean that they have been completely honest and transparent about what exactly they put into supplements. If a supplement has not been tested there is no way to know for sure what has been put into the supplement concoction.

2. Natural Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy

Just because a product has the label of natural or organic doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. The United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration have no set definition of what concludes as natural.

In fact what they do conclude as natural is a product that contains no additives, artificial flavors, artificial substances, or artificial colors. When a food is labeled as natural doesn’t mean that it is healthy because it can still be high in sugars, carbs, and excessive calories.

3. Juice Has Lots Of Sugar

Fruit juices are tasty and every child loves to drink them, but the truth about fruit juices is that they are usually high in sugar. Fruit juices usually contain high levels of processed sugars that can be extremely bad for those that consume it.

Overly processed sugars can be difficult for the body to process and consuming these juices in excess can lead to issues for your child in the future. If you do opt for a fruit juice try to purchase a juice that is 100% as the only sugars that it contains will be the natural sugars from the fruit in it.

4. All Fats Aren’t Bad Fats

Contrary to what some health professionals say all fats are not bad fats nor should they all be excluded from your diet. In fact your body does need some form of fats in order to sustain itself and function properly. You need good fats in order to help your organs function properly and maintain your body heat.

In fats you can find vitamins that your body needs such as vitamin A,K, D, and E. All of these vitamins are essential to your body functioning properly. Unsaturated fats can help to lower bad cholesterol within the body and improve heart health.

And example of good fats would be avocados, seeds, fish, soybeans, flaxseed, and olive oil.

5. Real Foods Are The Best Food

We understand that at times you will need to select a food that is quick and can be prepared even quicker, but the best thing to live by when eating healthier is by sticking to purchasing real foods. When you purchase foods that are real you are able to control what exactly is in the food.

You don’t have to worry about processed sugars and salt content when you purchase your food fresh. And in the long run it is more beneficial to prepare your meals yourself it allows you to get create with dishes and flavor profiles.

6. Carbs Aren’t Horrible For You

Just like fats carbs tend to get a bad name as well when it comes to the health food game, but eating carbs isn’t bad for you. Just like most things aren’t bad for you when done in a way that isn’t considered excessive.

Instead of eliminating carbs altogether try to select better forms of carbs. Such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are a good form of carbs that your body needs to take in to properly provide energy to your body.

Processed carbs tend to have a high level of sugar that will end in unnecessary weight gain for those that consume the carbs in excess. Make sure that you choose whole grains in order to get the best form of carbs that you need.

7. Meat Isn’t The Only Form Of Protein

Contrary to what people may think meat isn’t the only form of proteins that can provide you with ample amounts of protein. Other forms of protein that work and give your body the energy it needs would be eggs, seeds, legumes, dairy, soy, greens, and many others.

If you are going to choose meat as your main source of protein then opt for meat that are lean and have excess fat removed from it.