Shayona Truck given to Malawi Government

A truck belonging to Shayona Cement Company has been forfeited to Malawi Government after a court in Kasungu convicted two people who used the truck to transport 26 bags of charcoal.

The vehicle Reg No. Horse KU 8808 with Trailer-KU 8820 has been given to Government and the forfeiture orders will be carried out after the time allowed for appealing the orders has expired (30 days).

Kasungu magistrate court made the order after completing a criminal case in which two people were found guilty.

The two people were arrested on 18th July 2021, during routine patrol when police officers intercepted the truck belonging to Shayona Cement Company at around 11:00 pm carrying bags of cement in the district.

The truck was coming from the Shayona Cement factory in Kasungu and was heading to Lilongwe. After a thorough check of the truck, it was discovered that apart from the bags of Cement it was carrying, there were also 26 bags of charcoal. The two suspects were arrested for failure to produce a license and the vehicle was also impounded.

The two, Davis Chimtokoma aged 46 of Sosola village, TA Msalama, Balaka and Chione Zakeyu aged 25 of Mkando village, TA Wimbe Kasungu were charged with being found in possession of and trafficking charcoal without a license and trafficking forest produce without a license.

In court, they were found guilty and Senior Resident Magistrate B.J.Kamanga ordered them to pay a fine of 160, 000 Malawi kwacha each or serve a two-year term prison sentence with hard labor.

The court also ordered that the confiscated charcoal be disposed of and the vehicle be forfeited to Malawi Government.


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  1. not fair to confiscate truck after charcoal and fine have been engaged as penalty

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