I will be President for free – Salanje

Hastings Salanje Malawian Pastor

…being Malawian President is a demotion

Church leader Hastings Salanje says if elected President of Malawi in 2030 he will be working for free but will put millions of Kwacha into the Government budget.

Pastor Salanje has previously stated his desire to become President of Malawi in 2030.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Salanje said the presidency will be a demotion for him and he won’t get a salary since he already makes at least $50milion (K40 billion) in a month from investments while the president’s salary is less than $1milion (K800 million) in a month.

“I will be the first president not to stay in a state house, because I will have my own mansions bigger than state houses.

“I will use my own personal jets with my own fuel, my dream private jets are not these small ones, but jets like Boeing 747 800, Boeing 777 300er or Airbus 380. Now with these types of aircrafts you cannot allow me to use Government money,” said Salanje.

He added that he will put tens or hundreds of millions of dollars into the Government budget even before joining politics.

“So to you who think that I will do this for money, then you are wrong because am too arrogant to receive a salary, am possessed with God, therefore no man on earth will ever pay me or feed me, I will only eat from what God will drop direct in my hands, yes that’s me Salanje,” said Salanje.