Malawians are suffering under Tonse – Kalindo  

UTM Youth Director Bon Kalindo says there has been no meaningful change since President Lazarus Chakwera took over last year, as Malawians are still suffering and corruption has worsened.

He was speaking to Times Television in Times Exclusive program broadcast yesterday.

Kalindo warned Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima that their delay to implement campaign promises will lead to their downfall.

Chakwera and Chilima who lead Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM respectively were elected last year after promising to among others create one million jobs, provide business loans, end corruption and nepotism and improve the economy.

But Kalindo, said Malawians are struggling as the Chakwera administration has failed to create the promised jobs and corruption has worsened.

He added that youth are also failing to access business loans from the National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) because of the prohibitive conditions attached to the loans.

He cited the increase in motorcycle Taxis operating on the roads of Malawi as a sign of poverty and he faulted the government for confiscating the motorcycles.

Kalindo also claimed that some people in the Tonse Alliance are now rich as they have stolen public funds over the past year.

“I am frustrated, not because I was not given a position but because people lost jobs and their businesses to support meaningful change yet since Tonse Alliance came into power there has been no meaningful change,” said Kalindo.

Kalindo warned that the Tonse Alliance administration could face massive opposition from frustrated young people if the situation continues.

He then advised Chakwera and Chilima to focus on implementing their promises and to ensure that the youth are empowered through business loans.

“If some of the conditions for NEEF loans had already been removed, by now some youth would have created companies and employed fellow youths,” said Kalindo.

He added that the Chakwera administration should live by its word by clearing the rubble in government. Kalindo suggested that some Government officials who are “enemies” of the Tonse Alliance should be replaced with people who are ready to support the government.


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  1. He is the truth and anthu ngati Bon kalindo ndimene akufunika mudziko kumanena chilungamo.Bon kalindo he is julias malema waku Malawi

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