MP Lipipa to introduce driving and tailoring schools


As a way of empowering youth and women in his constituency, Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South Noel Lipipa has said he will open Lipipa Driving School and a tailoring school in the constituency.

According to Lipipa, the driving school will offer lessons to Blantyre City South youths at a subsidized rate while the tailoring school will be for free.

The legislator said he has bought 6 cars and 20 sewing machines for the program.

“These sewing machines for women will be for free but the driving school in order to sustain itself it will be at a subsidized amount, we are still working out how much it will cost, but for the people in the constituency it will be more subsidized all they need to do is to bring a letter from the Chief as evidence that they are from this Constituency.

“For the driving school, we need to employ the instructors, we need to service the cars, we need to pay for the driving offices. So, the initiative must be able to sustain itself that’s the reason they will be paying at a subsidized fee in order to make sure that the driving school is self-sustained,” said Lipipa.

According to Lipipa, the only people that are going to train for free at the driving school are the people that give services in the Constituency for free like Adzukulu (grave diggers) while the rest of youths in the Constituency are going to pay the subsidized amount.

Lipipa added that they are working on setting up Blantyre City South Technical School and the school will focus much on tailoring course.

“The tailoring we will do it in phases. I think by the end of 1 year we would have trained 500 women and empowered them,” said Lipipa.