Abeco Water Tanks Save the Day

Water tanks dot the horizon of many African countries including Malawi. Africa as a continent is plagued by weather patterns that are extreme and the continent suffers from water scarcity.

Water has become the most important currency in Africa because without it a country cannot function efficiently. It is the backbone of industry, mining, agriculture, business, and community.

35 plus years ago Mannie Ramos Snr recognised that a water scarcity crisis was on the horizon and decided to develop a solution. His solution is today high-quality stainless steel water tanks of all shapes and sizes in which water can be saved for times when the water supply is interrupted.

The company that supplies these water storage tanks is called Abeco Tanks. They are a well-established company with close to 40 years of experience and service in manufacturing and supplying water tanks across the globe to the Middle East, Africa, and Central America.

Their vision has always been to educate people on the importance of saving water to prepare for difficult times. Their tanks are the first to be thought of as water banks. They act the same as a savings account where money is saved for possible future difficulties.

Just as companies purchase generators to assist them when the electricity goes down so they should also invest in water tanks to assist when there is no water supply.

Businesses save water in a variety of ways:

1. Two types of tanks are installed:

A tank to catch rainwater flowing off the roof. This water is used to flush toilets and to water gardens. The second type of tank is a water tank that is installed and frequently filled up with municipal water. The water in the tanks is not affected by light penetrating the tank so there is no algae or bacteria build-up but still, it is recommended that the water does not stand still for long periods.

2. Other ways that businesses can save water is to install devices on toilets and taps that save and restrict water usage so that there is no wastage.

3. Businesses should also check their plumbing regularly to make sure there are no water leakages.

If you are concerned about the cost of the water tanks, work out how much it will impact you financially in the event of an interruption in water supply and offset that cost against the price of the tank.

More about Abeco Tanks

The company is majority owned by the Ramos family. Mannie Ramos Snr is the Executive Chairman, Mannie Ramos Jnr the Chief Operating Officer, and Duane Ramos the Managing Director.

They have a manufacturing facility in Johannesburg that is 25 000 square feet. The company has consistently reinvested its profits back into manufacturing and technology.

Their policy is that a company that reinvests back into its development means it stays ahead competitively and can last through the difficult times.

Abeco Tanks and their unique engineering technology have ensured they can manufacture water tanks of all shapes and sizes. Their service to the client is such that they will develop and build a water tank that suits the space and requirements.  Their tanks are built for the long term and their customer service, after the tank is installed, is also consistent and efficient.

The tank shapes include circular, rectangular, U-shaped, L-shaped, odd-shaped, or just custom-built.

They can also be on the ground or elevated.

The most important requirement is that the water stored in the tanks is kept hygienic and drinkable. To ensure that the tanks do not corrode over time the steel components are encapsulated in molten zinc.  All of the rubber elements and sealants are non-toxic. This ensures that the water is not affected.

The steel plates making up the tanks are put through a yield stress test making sure they can stand up under extreme water pressure. The nuts and bolts are of a high tensile grade also ensuring they can withstand any extreme pressure.

The tanks are modular in design making their transport to any location easy. They are simple to install and can carry up to 50 million litres of water.

These tanks have made a difference in the lives of the Malawian people. Water can be on tap at all times nearby. The tanks have many taps so that the people don’t have to queue for hours on end to get water. Businesses can operate during times of water scarcity, mining continues strengthening the economy and farming continues making sure there is a steady supply of food.

They dot the Malawian horizon and are a beacon of hope for all.

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