Prophet Liabunya geared to fight drug abuse among youth in Mzuzu


Prophet Austin Liabunya says he will implement an initiative aimed at curtailing drug abuse among the youth in Mzuzu, following reports that youth in the city are using drugs such as Chamba and Ngirimbo.

Recent research findings by Mzuzu Youth Against Drug Abuse, an advocacy against drug abuse, run by retired youthful boozers has discovered that about children, age between 10 to 15, are dangerous dipsomaniacs in the city.

According to the research, the lust these youngsters have for various kinds of intoxications is out of this world.

“Some take all the drugs simultaneously. Chamba, ngirimbo and cocaine. Alcohol is a recipe,” reads part of the report.

Against this background, senior prophet Austin Liabunya of the Believers Gospel Embassy International has pledged to roll out ‘north got talent bonanza,’ a talent search and promotion initiative aimed at curtailing drug abuse among the youth in the city.

In an interview, the prophet disclosed that the gesture is providential and important because it will be a weapon of eradicating drug abuse among the youth.

“We decided not to judge these drunkards. What we’re doing is, exploring ways of keeping them busy from drugs by supporting what they are best at,” he said.

“A cliche adage suggests that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Most of these youthful dangerous drunkards have nothing to do that’s why they’re engaged in drugs.”

The talent showcase bonanza which, according to Liabunya will start early July, also aims at identifying best talents in the northern region which the prophet will, individually, be managing.

“And, we’ve discovered a lot of good poets, musicians and footballers in this region whose dreams die unhatched. We want to scout such talents. I’ll personally be managing some artists from Mzuzu,” he added.

Commenting on the development, one of the earmarked beneficiaries to the initiative, Vocalist Lick C, has described the move as a motivation to them as the Youth.

“We don’t have money to promote our talents. His coming is will be a game changer. We’re indebted to him for the kind gesture,” he said.

For so long, talented people from Mzuzu have faced an uphill task to promote their talents.