Onesimus risks arrest

South Africa based   Malawian gospel artist Armstrong ‘Onesimus’ Kalua is running the risk of arrest for breaking the law.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the singer is seen indulging in unlawful use of currency; throwing banknotes on the floor.

The artist was throwing money on the floor while dancing to a live performance of his song by a group of men. Reports indicate that Onesimus was    dishing the money out on Friday night in expression of his excitement.

The law stipulates that deliberate damage of currency is an offense. This means that the Solomon star risks paying a hefty fine if found guilty.

In a related case, fiscal police arrested four people in the commercial capital Blantyre on the same grounds, in February.

In reaction to the video, some people have tipped the central back to arrest Kalua.

“Amumangetu, zomwaza ndalama ku Malawi timaletsa  (he should be arrested, throwing money on the floor is prohibited in Malawi,)” commented Tali Promise.

Barton Chimphalika also commented: “A Reserve Bank of Malawi zagwileni munthu akuononga ndalama kuno (Reserve Bank of Malawi, we have found this one misusing money, come arrest him).

Onesimus is considered to be one of a few Malawian artists who are doing well financially, albeit he has never made his net worth public.