WOLREC challenges women and young political aspirants


Women Legal Resource Centre (WOLREC) has challenged women and youth political aspirants in the country to be vigilant and confident if they are to compete at highest level against veteran politicians.

The remarks were made in Mzimba by WORLEC Programs Manager Gift Mauluka, when the organization organised full Council Mock indaba for female and youth aspirants in the district.

When it comes to elections, majority of female and youth candidates fall short of attaining various political positions due to lack of leadership skills and self-confidence.

In view of this challenge, Women Legal Resource Centre recently organised a full Council Mock indaba in Mzimba that brought together all women and youth aspirants to test responsibilities of councillors and Parliamentarians in the chamber.

WORLEC Programs Manager Gift Mauluka said the initiative will ensure that aspirants candidates are groomed to become high confident public speakers, capable of delivering attractive issue-based campaign in upcoming elections.

One of the female political aspirants from Perekezi ward, Shupe Sibande said through full Council Mock, she has learnt in advance public speaking skills and full council house protocols in readiness of 2025 general elections.

Apart from Mzimba district, WORLEC is also staging full Council Mock meetings in Nkhatabay, Ntchisi, Dowa, Neno and Nsanje to politically empower women through the project called Young Women in Active Politics