Govt, Bushiri, MyBucks Bank collaborate to help men access business loans


In a rare show of patriotism, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Malawi government and MyBucks Bank spoke unity on Saturday and agreed to work together to help Malawian men do business with ease and comfort.

The gesture took place in Lilongwe on Saturday when Prophet Bushiri hosted an Iron Man Conference at Crossroads Hotel under the theme, “Man of Strength and Stability”.

Iron Man is the men’s guild of his church, Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church.

The speakers included the Minister of Gender and Community Development Hon. Dr Patricia Kaliati and Mr Benard Mkandawire Deputy CEO of Mybucks Bank.

Particiapnts during the gathering

The topics were “What Women Expect of Men: 10 Things Men have to focus on; Financial Aspects of a Man; Man of Stability and strength.”


In his presentation, Bushiri concentrated on the characteristics and key qualities of an Ironman of Strength and Stability.

On the other hand, firebrand Kaliati—who was the only woman in the conference—challenged men to be responsible for their families and, also, to take a lead in fighting gender-based violence in the country.

Both Kaliati and Mybucks pledged support to the church desire to raise men of substance.

Mybucks revealed that they are already coming up with a loan product that will attract 10 percent interest in year. The bank has since invited ECG men to utilize the product for financial empowerment.

A similar conference will be held in June and it will be open to all men in the country regardless of church denomination.


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  1. It all sounds very sexist to me. It’s also rather odd that a female minister of Gender and Community would be party to such an exclusively male focused conference.

    Also given the various allegations facing Bushiri and his associates, especially those of a sexual nature I do not think it appropriate that a government minister, let alone a female one show any association with Bushiri or his church.

    I cannot understand why people of a certain public standing would wish to give Bushiri or his church any credibility because in doing so they only manage to erode their own credibility.

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