Lilongwe council demolishes Fingerpole


The Lilongwe City Council has demolished the Fingerpole, a replica of the Statue of Liberty which was erected in Lilongwe.

The statue was constructed by the Beautify Malawi Trust near Parliament Building and Malawians have been demanding its demolition saying it has no meaning yet it was erected on the presidential way in the City Centre.

Lilongwe City Mayor Juliana Kaduya said the Trust, which was founded by former First Lady Gertrude Mutharika, did not consult the city council before construction of the statue.

The Fingerpole before demolition

She added the council has been failing to provide answers to numerous questions from Malawians over the statue hence has resolved to demolish it.

The demolition comes about a year after Mutharika and former President Peter Mutharika left State House.

It was revealed last year that Lilongwe Water Board (LWB), a government owned company, provided K30 million for the construction of the statue.