Nkasa gets vehicle from Thole

Entrepreneur Caleb Thole has fulfilled his pledge to buy a vehicle for musician Joseph Nkasa.

Thole who is chairperson for Centre for Sports, Culture and Arts (Cesca) in March promised to mobilize resources and buy Nkasa a car by April 30 this year. Today he has delivered a vehicle to the musician.

“As promised, it is done,” he wrote on Facebook.

It’s the latest in a list of charitable activities Thole has done for the musician. The music fan in March donated K300,000 to have Nkasa perform on online platform Mikozi Network and he later donated Nkasa household furniture worth K2.6 million to the musician.

Thole recently told the local that the donations are aimed at honoring the musician for his contributions.

“It’s worrisome that some artists die without enjoying the labour of their work. That brings in the case of Nkasa who has done a lot of music. He is a legend and this is no deniable fact,” he said

Malawians have since hailed Thole for fulfilling his pledge.

Moffat Murdycox Simposya said: “Only a few knows how to promise and honor their promises, bravo for the fulfilment. otherwise you could have given a topic of discussion in various groups for an empty promise.”

While Victor Chaekha Mbewe said: “God bless you boss for what you have. And also you encourage us to do so to others may our Almighty God be with you all the time.”