DPP Kayuni apologizes in Court for constant personal attacks against Bushiri lawyer, Kita

Magistrate Patrick Chirwa on Wednesday warned Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Steve Kayuni against his series of personal attacks against lawyer Wapona Kita.

Kayuni—who is the lead state prosecutor in Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s extradition case—has always been going overboard personally attacking Bushiri’s lawyer, Kita.

During the court session on Wednesday, Kita raised a concern before Magistrate Chirwa with regards to Kayuni’s constant personal attacks on him.

“I am here to represent a client. I don’t find it noble for the DPP to keep personal attacks against me. It doesn’t speak well of his character,” he said.

In the heat of the arguments, Kayuni had, in several court session, called Kita several unpalatable names that borders on slur and vulgar.

In response, Kayuni admitted his mistakes and apologized to Kita foe his personal attacks.

However, commentators are questioning as to why the top state persecutor would be losing his cool in court and peddling personal attacks against a defence lawyer doing his job.

Some are connecting the issue to Kayuni’s failure to come to terms with the reality that he is the person who stopped Bushiri’s daughter from going to seek medication in Kenya. Doctors said Bushiri’s daughter died after she developed complications owing to the weeks she stayed in Malawi after being blocked.