Tonse Govt accused of abandoning projects initiated under DPP regime

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says the Tonse alliance administration has abandoned some development projects initiated during the DPP administration in the Lower Shire districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje.

DPP spokesperson on Finance Joseph Mwanamvekha made the reamrks at Mkhathe trading Center over the weekend when   he drummed up support for the party’s Chikwawa East Parliamentary candidate, Ginnford Maulidi, Mwanamvekha.

He said there is need for the area to have more opposition DPP MPs for them to follow up on some development projects the DPP initiated during Its time.

Mwanamvekha said the DPP is saddened to note the slow pace of some infrastructure projects since the current administration took over.

He mentioned the Shire Valley Transformation Project and the Fatima Thabwa Livunzu East bank road which he said have almost stalled.

He further said that the DPP regime used to provide food items to people during lean period but the current administration is paying a blind eye towards the critical food shortage situation that has hit the area Chikwawa and Nsanje.

He has since pledged to distribute relief maize to people in Chikwawa East Constituency.

“As most of you might be aware, most of these development projects you are seeing today were initiated during the DPP administration.

“I was Minister of finance when Professor Author Peter Mutharika instructed us to construct this road from thabwa up to Fatima. It’s sad to note that construction works of the road project has stalled. If the DPP was to be still in power, this road should have been finished by now.

“The DPP also used to give you relief items such as maize from September up to March every year. Has the new administration done that?. They used to be telling you that you shall be eating three meals a day, is that what is happening now?

“Therefore if you want continued development in your area, please vote for a DPP MP on the 30th March,” said Mwanamvekha.

There has not been an immediate comment from MCP authorities on the matter but the party’s parliamentary candidate for the area Foster Thipiwa in his campaign bid is wooing people in the area to give him a chance to become an MP for the area saying past MPs for the area have failed to develop it.

The by-election in Chikwawa East is scheduled to take place on the 30th March. There will also be by-elections in other six constituencies and two wards in the country on this day.