Teachers demand resignation of TUM executive members


A grouping called Malawi Teachers Movement (MTM) has demanded the resignation of Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) executive members, saying the union is fighting for trivial issues such as risk allowances while ignoring important issues which teachers have been facing for years.

The grouping has issued a statement signed by chairperson Levison Kadzamira and Secretary General Ronald Chimkute. It has warned that it will take serious action if TUM executive committee members fail to resign.

According to the teachers, they are disappointed with the two-week teachers strike led by TUM between February and March was aimed at forcing Government to give teachers risk allowance.

The teachers have described the strike as deliberate attempt by TUM to disturb teaching and learning especially for poor and helpless children in Malawi.

“We have seen TUM prioritising less important issues leaving behind real issues such as: promotion of Teachers Training College tutors, Special needs teachers, theologians, self-upgraded teachers, long serving teachers, salary increment, salary harmonization, house allowances, stoppage of Pension Contributory scheme and other challenges. Moreover, TUM has failed to fight for the recruitment of our brothers and sisters who did education programs and graduated from different universities and colleges,” reads part of the statement.

The teachers have vowed not to support another teachers’ strike over Covid-19 risk allowances saying their children go to public schools while TUM National Executive Committee members send their children to private schools.

They have have since demanded TUM to explain what the union does with the 500-kwacha monthly contribution which it deducts from teachers in Malawi, including teachers who are not members of the union.

“As of today TUM collects over K50,000,000 a month from teachers and it completely fails to explain what they do with the money,” the movement says.