High turnout for vaccine in Mzuzu


Mzuzu City on Monday and Tuesday registered high turnout at Covid-19 vaccination centres in the city.

Dr Frank Sinyiza of Mzuzu Central Hospital said Mzuzu Central hospital alone registered about 225 on Tuesday.

The number include 63 health workers, 30 Police and Army Officers, 81 people with chronic diseases, 27 people above 60 years and 24 other people.

On Monday about 168 were registered at the same center.

Sinyiza continued saying that they are still vaccinating health workers in the city.

Mzuzu based Social commentator Peter Mumba said this is a good development as the country is trying to change mindsets.

Mumba urged people to go and receive the first Jab if they are eligible.

“This is good news to Malawi. Most Malawians were impacted by the second string of the virus which was described by most sources as to originate from south Africa. The second string was deadly as the month of January has registered more deaths than ever recorded in Malawi. The transmission is likely therefore to be reduced. More Malawians should go for the vaccination so that the transmission should be reduced further,” said Mumba.

Close to 10,000 (ten thousand) Malawians have so far received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Government is targeting about 3.5 million people to receive the first AstraZeneca vaccine Jab.