Malawian woman sentenced to 24 years over drug trafficking in Hong Kong


A court in Hong Kong has sentenced 30-year-old Estina Mukasera to 24 years in jail for drug trafficking.

Mukasera was found guilty of drug trafficking following her arrest in 2018 over possession of 2,190 grams of cocaine.

The Malawi Government provided Mukasera with legal representation during the trial, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Rejoice Shumba.

“Mukasera was found guilty and as per that country’s laws, she was sentenced to 24 year jail term. As government, our role was to ensure she was represented in court and her case was heard impartially. All that was done until the time of passing judgement,” she told news site Mwnation.

Mukasera is believed to have been sent by other drug traffickers to deliver drugs in Hong Kong. She was pregnant at the time of the arrest and gave birth in 2019.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has asked the government to ask China to repatriate Mukasera.

HRCC Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said the organisation believes Mukasera is a victim of human trafficking and can use her experiences to speak against the vice.

In a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in February, HRCC said the organisation has information that the person who sent Mukasera to Hong Kong was arrested in 2018 but was released.

“We call on the Malawi Police to review the suspect’s file and assess whether he has remained in the country or not towards undertaking to question him on this matter,” reads part of the letter.