DPP sells candidate Muheya in Zomba Changalume


By Synd Kalimbuka

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Sunday started by-election campaign in Zomba Changalume constituency with a lot of confidence about victory for its candidate Mary Muheya.

During the campaign launch at Msamba primary school, the party urged people in the area not to vote for rejected and failed politicians.

Kwelepeta urged people to vote for her female friend Muheya

The party’s vice President for eastern region Bright Msaka said some candidates who are contesting in the area were rejected in their home constituencies and described them as failures who are sadly trying their luck in wrong constituency.

“Let me encourage you to vote for a DPP candidate Mary Muheya who has potential to develop this area. Others are failed politicians who have been rejected elsewhere and want to try their luck here,” said Msaka.

He added that he is very ready for a landslide victory for Muheya this month because DPP is very popular in Zomba Changalume.

“APM swept every voting centre during 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections which tells that DPP is very popular in Zomba Changalume constituency,” he added.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Chisi constituency Mark Botomani who chairs the DPP Parliamentarian taskforce towards Zomba Changalume by-election in the district called on people to vote for DPP candidate saying what the party promises comes to fulfilment unlike what people are experiencing with Tonse Alliance led government.

Legislator Grace Kwelepeta also urged people to choose female candidate Muheya not the gentlemen whom she said are contesting with selfish minds.

She further said that if Muheya wins this by-election, Zomba will have 50:50 representations in in parliament.

Kwelepeta is also known for uprooting People’s Party in Zomba Malosa after she defeated       Roy Kachale, son to the former president Joyce Banda.

Over 10 candidates have collected nomination papers for Zomba Changalume by-elections.

Zomba Changalume by-election will be conducted following the death of late John Chikalimba of People’s Party.