Bus carrying Malawian returnees detained at Mwanza


In an effort to minimise the importation and spread of Coronavirus into the country, immigration authorities at Mwanza border have detained a bus belonging Delta Coaches and have arrested its host for violating Covid-19 guidelines.

This is according to Mwanza public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the incident occurred on Sunday, 7th March, 2021 as the bus registration number HF 30KM was amongst 13 buses of the 31 cohort of Malawian returnees.

Inspector Zulu said the bus company had no authorization from Malawi embassy in Pretoria to carry returnees to Malawi as borders are still closed in the wake of Covid-19 global health crisis, hence the detention.

The publicist further added that the bus which was being driven by Zimbabwean Aaron Mangawa aged 43, also brought in 97 Malawian returnees with fake Covid-19 negative certificates.

Zulu added that details on the manifest indicated that the bus had 29 passengers on board, but physical counting during border checks, revealed that the bus had 97 Malawian returnees, among them 57 were men, 23 women and 17 minors.

It is reported that joint briefing by all key border agencies, hailed the decision to penalise the company claiming that other business people who frequent visits South Africa, are taking advantage of this self-repatriation excercise which he said is also costing government a lot.

Meanwhile, the host William Chiumia, aged 33, from Saulos village, T/A Twalo in Mzimba District is behind bars at Mwanza Police where he will be taken to court soon.

According to Inspector Zulu, of the expected 13 buses, 11 have managed to reach Mwanza border and they have been cleared with a total of 733 Malawian returnees, the remaining two buses are scheduled to arrive at the formation any time from Sunday evening.

It is reported that the two buses had technical faults in Mozambique whilst in transit to Malawi hence their delay to get into the country.