Khonje re-elected as NRFA boss


Lameck Khonje has been re-elected as Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) chairperson at an Elective General Meeting held today.

Khonje will serve the association for a third consecutive four year term.

He was unopposed in the polls, just as General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu and his vice Desire Bellings.

Khonje (R) re-elected (2)

On position of Vice Chairperson, Mabuchi Mkandawire and Alufeyo Chipanga Banda were competing and Mkandawire made the day after getting 23 votes against Banda who got 4 votes only.

On the position of Treasure General, longtimne position holder Chauka Mwasinga was competing with Aunward Munthali. Mwasinga carried the day with 20 votes against 7 for Munthali.

In his acceptance speech, Lameck Khonje thanked affiliates for trusting him again.

“My first work is to consult affiliates, work with them and involve them in every decision that we are going to do as far as football is concerned in this region. I will also represent the region effectively each time am attending the FA meetings, and I will make sure that to take every views that will be presented to the AGM of Football Association,” he said.

To those who lost election Khonje said he doesn’t believe there is opposition in football.

“I don’t believe there is opposition in football, probably what is in football are different schools of how to develop the game of football in Malawi, my door is open and I will consult every person who loves the game of football,” Khonje said.

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presiding officer during the elections Muhammad Seleman said there is nothing wrong proceeding with election despite the Sports Council of Malawi demanding the postponement of regional elections.

“Today we conducted NRFA elections and it was a free and fair. There is nothing wrong with us holding this election, we complied and we responded to ACB Communication and before these elections we also saw another communication from Anti-Corruption which was served to our offices which did not actually stop the elections but gave guidance on how to conduct proper elections can be done,” said Selemani.

Most of the members maintained their seats and below is the list of elected officials

Chairperson Lameck Zetu Khonje

Vice Chair Mabuchi

G/S Masiya Nyasulu

Vice G /S Desire Bellings

Treasurer Chauka Mwasinga

Legal Adviser Kolezi Phiri

Committee members

Joshua Chinguwo

Rose Phiri

Ralph Kasilika

Wakisa Munkhondiya