Fisd gives VAM K2.5 million


Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (Fisd) has provided K2.5 million to Volleyball Association of Malawi (VAM) for the Mzuzu International Volleyball Tournament.

In an interview, Jack Kujaliwa Junior of Fisd said they were asked to assist the association with prize money for the Mzuzu International Tournament.

“It’s our wish as Malawian company and it is our responsibility to return what people gives us. We help many people like orphans and others as part of corporate social responsibility.     Lastly, we want to thank all Malawians for supporting their own Malawian company,” said Kujaliwa.

Killy Msuku, one of the International tournament organizers, said they are delighted with the sponsorship from Fisd and promised that the money will go toward prize presentations.

“We are very much delighted that Fisd has come in sponsorship of K2.5 million which 40 percent of the total budget of K7.5 million. K2 million will go to prize money for both men and women categories while K500 thousand will be used to buy medals and trophies and all other related things, so we are very happy, and the good thing is the affiliation money will be used for operations,” said Msuku.

The International tournament will attract teams from Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.