Contraceptives killing libido: Women urge men to embrace ‘withdrawal method’


Some women in Malawi have attributed their low bedroom voltage to contraceptives which they claim extinguishes their powerlines.

Reacting to a Facebook complaint by a man who lamented his wife’s matrimonial underperformance, women disclosed that, with the coming in of contraceptives, their libodo has completely been compromised.

“If she uses contraceptives, that’s normal. Most of us lost our firepower in bed the moment we began using these contraceptives,” sai­d one of the women in commenting on the post in Facebook clinic group.

“If she uses Jackson,” added another woman. “That’s the worst. I’d to quit it to regain my firepower. Otherwise, my services in bed had gone undesirable to my husband.”

While others urged the man to just start using condoms and revoke other contraceptives used by his wife, others quashed that as well on grounds that the rubbers are the worst on the part of women.

“A man using condoms? Come on sister. Those are the worst things a man can use for effective performance in bed. Most men are already weak. They’re unsatisfactory and using those is disastrous,” said one of the women in discrediting the condom suggestion.

Other men concurred with this lady. They outright disclosed that them too, feel absolutely nothing when put on the Shields.

“Those are the worst contraceptives. They kill the tempo and we feel nothing,” revealed one of the men in the group.

This called for more suggestions as other women urged men to embrace ‘withdrawal method’ which, however, called for another heated debate.

“Jumping from a moving car? Kkkkkkk that’s not easy,” remarked one of the men in discrediting the method.

“That would leave me in suspense,” a lady weighed In. “When my hubby reaches that level of orgasm he holds me tight and I start feeling the essence of the game kkkkkkk I disagree to ‘withdraw method’ and I suggest natural method of counting dates from our periods.”

Other men contested this suggestion again.

“So, what will be of us when you’re approaching your periods because, I understand, these methods would mean stoppage to having the game in those days. This is not a good one aswell,” laughed the man.

The argument went on without reaching compromise. Debators began arguing in circles until this writer logged out and took the issue up with reproductive health expert, Hendrix Msiska who acknowledged receiving complaints regarding side effects of contraceptives in years he has served in his capacity.

“Those are common reservations we have received from women and men alike,” he said.

“However, it is recommended to women that if one contraceptive method doesn’t work for them. They must change and try another because sometimes, other methods don’t really work for other women.”

Contraceptives were introduced in a bid to curtail the rapid growth of population which leads to, among other things, pressure on resources and crippling government efforts in developing the country.