Kazako attacks HRDC: They are confused


Malawi Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako, has told HRDC off for demanding President Lazarus Chakwera to deliver campaign promises.

In response to Human Rights Defenders Coalition’s (HRDC) claims that the Tonse led government is taking time to deliver on its campaign promises, Kazako said the organization is calling for the nature of speed which is destructive.

“Speed must not compromise compliance to the law and defilement of set functional systems. Speed is a positive thing, but this sort of speed advocated by HRDC is the one that saw Malawi becoming almost a lawless state with no respect of systems, values and ethics,” said the minister in an interview with a local newspaper

The human rights organization argues that the delay in fulfilling some campaign promises is costing the leadership citizens’ trust.

President Lazarus Chakwera discouraged obsession with campaign promises during a national address last month. He cited the Covid-19 pandemic as a factor that is delaying development projects.

During campaign period, the Tonse Alliance which comprises of nine political parties promised to create a million jobs in one year, and reduce the cost for passports among others.

The Tonse administration is now in its 8th month of running the country, after toppling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in June last year.



  1. Kazako must shut up his mouth , every one knows that this government is a failure

  2. COVID-19 or without it, Tonse Alliance run government is indeed unbearable slow. A sluggard to be called at best. Whether Gospel or indeed the President likes it or not, this is a fact. Living in denial of such absolute truth will make you pay heavily in not so a distant future. Regaining trust that’s from the citizenry is too difficult a job than even winning a 50+1 election. Ask Him Dausi, Mark Botomani and Happier.

    So Gospel and team, sober up now otherwise the so called Tonse Alliance is on a wrong and dangerous tipping point that the odds of going out as a worst government which lacked avision are 97% higher than anything positive about it.

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