Bar owners urged to close bars at 8PM

By Topson Banda.

Police have urged bar owners to follow Coronavirus prevention guidelines by opening bars at 2PM and closing at 8PM and only allowing customers to buy alcohol and leave.

The Officer in-charge for Mponela Police Station Mr Clement Gulo, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) said this during a meeting with bar owners.

The meeting was held at the new Officer in-charge office at Mponela police station on Tuesday and was attended by 7 police officers and 14 bar owners.

The officer in-charge said that it’s the duty of each and everyone to take part in preventing the spread of the pandemic.

“As Police, we are just law enforcers, so there is no one who is above the law, all bars should be opened at 14:00 hours and closed at 20:00 hours. During this time, the law says all customers must buy their beer and take them home, rather than sitting in the bar and drink their beer there,” said Gulo.

General Duties Officer for Mponela police, superintendent Harry Chimombo, concurred with the Officer in-charge that Covid-19 is real and has taken a lot of people with big names which is not a joke.

“Covid-19 cases are getting high every day, number of people who have died with covid-19 is also on the increase. Let us all prevent the pandemic,” said Chimombo.

He further noted that that it is painful for the bar owners to follow the rules but he urged them not to take the law for granted.

He therefore reminded them some of the preventive measures such as observing social distance, wearing face masks, washing hands frequently with soup or hand sanitizers.

Criminal Investigation Officer for Mponela Police station, Detective Inspector Mangani, warned the bar owners against deliberately choosing not to follow the rules.

One of the bar owner who owns Club Zone Mr Banda, said they have heard the advice and they will follow the rules.
He added that he knows most of the customers are rude but it’s their duty to talk to them about the law.

The owners of Club Zone, Mwaiwathu Bottlestore, Rhino Night Club and Dzimwere were some of the bar owners at the meeting.