AHL employees receive salaries following K6 billion bailout


Auction Holdings Limited (AHL) employees, who went four months without receiving their salaries, have started getting their money days after ADMARC bailed out AHL.

Last week, ADMARC released K6 billion to its subsidiary AHL which has been facing cash flow challenges over the past months.

According to the sources, workers have started receiving their four month salaries today. One of the members in accounts department revealed that every employee will receive.

“All those who have their accounts at National Bank of Malawi have received their salaries including arrears from September to December, and those with other banks will be receiving late Wednesday or Thursday,” he said.

Commenting on this, an employee who works at the Limbe the Auction Floors said life was so tough during the past four months.

“I can now confirm that we have been paid our salaries, it was so difficult to our families we faced a lot of challenges and our kids suffered during this period, let me thank God that we didn’t lose anyone and let the company consider us in coming months,” the employee said.