Medical Doctor Drew drops ‘Always There’

By Thumbiko Nyirongo

One of the front-line medical doctors in the fight against Covid-19 in the country, Dr. Andrew Mijoya, has released a single titled ‘Always There’ which gives hope to people badly affected by the pandemic.

In an interview, the Medical doctor cum gospel musician, Mijoya also known as ‘Dr. Drew’ in the music industry said the song aims at encouraging people affected by the pandemic not to lose hope saying God is always there for them

“Last year was a difficult year for everybody, but there were those who suffered greater losses than others. And as we have now entered 2021, God’s promise to his children is that through the fire and the rain He will be there.

“He will never forsake them. There will be greater challenges than those of next year, but God will be a present help,” said Dr. Drew

The song ‘Always There’ has been produced and recorded by AB Malinga of Melodix Studios and can be downloaded on and www.

The artist Dr. Drew started his music career way back with the trio ‘Third Heaven’ before joining Faith Mussa’s Mdidi Band as Piano Player.