C4C preaches love, forgiveness


By Noel Mkwaila

Chance for Change (C4C), a local non-organization organisation (NGO), has urged young people in the country to embrace the spirit of love and forgiveness.

The organisation’s Personal development trainer Gift Kwaitana said this on Monday after engaging the youth through a march expedition on forgiveness from its offices to National parliament in Lilongwe.

Kwaitana said as people from different religions are fasting and reflecting, there is need for peaceful coexistence and love among citizens.

“We need to reflect on our past deeds, forgive, repent and thank God for his blessings. It is also time to work together to develop our country so that it reclaims its glory. It is only through unity and peace that we can foster development,” said Kwaitana.

He added: “Today we decided to engage youths after realizing that most of them are nursing depression.  We thought it wise to organize an expedition to act as a metaphor where people are going to their various destination while carrying their burden,” he said.

One of the participants, Miracle Banda said the expedition and the talk was an eye opener and it will maximize the spirit of giving and forgiveness.

She said this is in line with these days where a lot of youths are engaging in risky behaviours and violence instead of having the spirit of forgiveness and giving.