MJ Police commit to protect elderly


Mulanje Police Officer In-Charge, Edwin Magalasi, says police in the district are committed to protecting the elderly.

Magalasi who is also Assistant Commissioner of Police was speaking Wednesday when he attended prayers at Faith Outreach Ministries at Chiuta Village under Senior Chief Mthiramanja. Magalasi

“Protection of the elderly remains at our heart and we assure you that we will give the required protection. I therefore urge you to report to us about any form of abuse that you encounter,” Magalasi said.

He then lashed at those perpetrating violence against the senior citizens on witchcraft accusations, saying this is criminal and they must stop.

In his sermon taken from James 1 verse 26 and 27, ministry leader, Bishop Henry Chumba said it is incumbent upon everyone to help the needy including the elderly. On this note, Bishop Chumba concurred with Magalasi saying those who attack the elderly are inhumane as this does not please God.

“A true Christian is the one who helps orphans, the elderly and other needy people,” Chumba observed.

Apart from looking after the elderly, Faith Outreach Ministries also looks after widows and needy children and currently has 500 of them.