CAMA bashes EGENCO for yearly Christmas blackouts


The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has blasted Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) for yearly Christmas blackouts, saying EGENCO gives excuses for its poor service delivery every time consumers go for long holidays especially during Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays.

This is contained in a statement signed by CAMA Executive Director John Kapito following the return of massive blackouts which EGENCO has attributed to a burst pipe at Nkula B power station.

Kapito said that the loadshedding is coming after EGENCO assured consumers that blackouts are issues of the past.

He noted that the reasons given by EGENCO are the very same reasons that they have provided throughout the year which are poor service delivery or lack of no maintenance on their machines.

“Over the years Malawians have observed that EGENCO comes up with excuses every time Consumers go for long holidays especially during Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays.

“What is surprising and annoying about this poor service delivery by EGENCO is happening at a time when EGENCO is carrying out public sector reforms and yet consumers are unable to see any evidence of better service delivery which is the core drive of the reforms,” he said.

The activist added consumers are tired and angry with poor service delivery excuses by EGENCO and consumers for a long time have questioned whether there is any supervision and monitoring of parastatals like EGENCO which he said continues to disappoint its consumers and embarrass Government for its failure to deliver better services.

“We are therefore appealing to Government to stop treating EGENCO with kid gloves and ensure that the current public sector reforms are adding value to the operations of this key parastatal,” he said.

He also urged government to reform EGENCO by among others recruiting qualified people and investing heavily in its power generation infrastructure.