Rashley strikes through with “Norah” video


Malawian Afro/R&B artist, Rashley, has released his new music video, “Norah”.

The new song, “Norah” talks about, the relationship between a guy and a girl; how a lonely heart was able to realize the unique love for their partner before they left. Making life simple when they were together, and such demanding less, being free minded and not being belittled in the time of life’s hardships. Now the guy is trying to win back the love and trust for his girl.

The video was shot by VJ Ken while the song was produced by Red Disc, Gaffar and Masclan Records.

Born Happy Jumbe, Rashley is gradually peeking his way onto the music scene. From early days of being in the church choir, Rashley had always known, that he had a talent for singing and was sure to one day gain a chance in the spotlight.

Previously releasing songs such as “Bodza”, “Zomwe Ndimaganiza”, “Chiletso” and “Ndilibe Chonena” gave Rashley a pedestal, officially introducing him as an artist on the Malawian music scene.

Rashley’s latest release, “Ndidzasangalala” elevated his music career, giving him the recognition he solely deserved. The song received positive and overwhelming response from fans and the public, having trending on social media for weeks, circling the top radio charts and serving as a hit song at weddings and events. Since over time, Rashley has grown to becoming a popular independent artist, and constantly keeping as one name to look out for on the urban scene.