Police officer transferred after reminding Chakwera administration of campaign promises


A police officer based at Nkhotakota Police Station has been transferred to a police unit in Kasungu for reminding the Lazarus Chakwera administration of Tonse Alliance promises.

Williams Kaponda who serves at Nkhotakota Police Station as the station’s public relations officer posted on his Facebook account about the Tonse Alliance’s campaign promise.

During the campaign for the 2020 elections, the Chakwera and Vice President Chilima promised that under the Tonse Administration police officers will not line up the streets for hours whenever the president is travelling.

Two days ago, Kaponda posted on Facebook: “Dear God, akumbutseni anatiuza kuti tizasiya kuyalana m’miseu akamadutsa (remind them about their promise that we will stop lining up along the streets when the president is traveling).

A police communication dated 20 December, 2020 shows that Kaponda has been transferred to Ndonda Police Unit in Kasungu. The transfer is with immediate effect.

Transferring officers from police stations in cities or towns to police formations in rural areas is seen as a punishment in the police service.

Some Malawians on social media have commended the police officer for speaking out and have recommended that he should be promoted.

However, some people have argued that there is no freedom of expression in the police service and Kaponda should have used proper channels.

“Very stupid man. Police is a high discipline organisation. There are channels within the Police Service to send out complaints, concerns or matters of dissatisfaction but Facebook or Social Media in general isn’t one of them,” said one social media user.