Phalombe North residents urged to vote in large numbers


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has pleaded with people in Phalombe North Constituency to go and vote in large numbers in the 15th December by-elections.

The plea was made by Commissioner Jean Namathanga on Tuesday at Senior Group Village Khando during a meeting which was organised by the commission with traditional leaders and their subjects in the district.

Namathanga encouraged people of the area continue attending campaign meetings to make informed decisions during the voting day as the 15th December by-elections are going to be conducted in a few days.

“We came to confirm to the people of this area that we will be here to conduct by-elections on Tuesday, the 15th December in this constituency. We are actually encouraging them to come in large numbers to vote so that the candidate of their choice should be voted into power,” she said.

She further reminded chiefs to ensure that there is peace and order in the constituency as candidates are still campaigning for the by-elections.

“There are times when people fight for no apparent reasons during elections. It is the responsibility of the traditional leaders to make sure that every candidate should be able to conduct campaign meetings freely.”

The 15th December by-elections are to be conducted next week Tuesday in Phalombe North, Mangochi West and Mangochi North East Constituencies.