Man aged 33 rapes three sisters


A 33-year-old man is on court bail in Mangochi after raping twins aged 12 and their sister, whom he impregnated.

The man identified as Petros raped the girls in August this year at Monkey Bay in Mangochi district.

Petros is alleged to have been raping the three children at his home. He used to entice the children by giving them juices and chips after cleaning his house.

The mother of the girls noted that one of the girls was having difficulties when answering to the call of nature.

When she questioned them, they revealed that they were raped by Petros. It was also discovered that the elder child is pregnant.

Monkey Bay police officer in charge senior superintendent Charles Mpezeni said Petros was arrested and later released on bail by a court.

He added that the issue is being handled by the regional prosecution office for the sake of trust and transparency.

“We are treating both cases with urgency and they will also appear in court on 17th December 2020,” he said.

But Yoneco officer responsible for Mangochi Funny Cholemba expressed concern that the case is dragging even though there is overwhelming evidence.