YAS says Blair hiring is an insult to Malawians


Youth and Society (YAS) has faulted Government for engaging Tony Blair Institute (TBI) as a governance advisor saying this is an insult to Malawians as there are local institutes which can also deliver better results.

This was said by YAS Executive Director Charles Kajoloweka on Wednesday during a press briefing.

In his remarks, Kajoloweka pointed out that there are local think tanks that can deliver better result.

He also expressed doubt that the institute will be working in the country without being paid by government.

“We would like to express our reservations the Government decision to hire the Tony Blair Institute to perform some functions in the office of the president in what they are calling the strengthening the presidency delivery, we strongly have reservations against this decision.

“This country has got capable institutions that can deliver exactly what TBI has been hired for, we have public sector reforms programs in this country which are running under the Ministry of Economic Planning and Public Sector Reforms that are exactly dealing with the same governance in terms of improving and strengthening the system, delivery of public services including the governance lapses.

“We therefore find no reasons why hiring this TBI, we have adequate local capacity to undertake to execute the very same functions that government would like to attain,” he said.

He added that YAS does not believe Malawi should be looking to foreign institutions to provide solutions to local problems the country is facing.

He then called on the Chakwera administration to believe in local experts and academia, saying Malawians can provide the same results as TBI.

“People of Malawi voted because they believed the Tonse Government and believe in the capacity of the Chakwera administration. We are lucky we have a vice president who has demonstrated that he has capacity, all what we need is to give support to our local institutions as they can deliver,” said Kajoloweka.

Kajoloweka has since demanded the Tonse Government to cancel the arrangement with TBI with immediate effect.

TBI is an institution that works in helping governance in several countries and the institution is owned by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.