Mob bays for granny’s blood, police rescue her

Police in Mulanje on Wednesday rescued a 68-year-old woman from a mob baying for her blood on witchcraft accusations.

The incident happened at Namijigo village in the area of Senior Chief Chikumbu in the district.

According to Sub Inspector Gresham Ngwira, public relations officer for Mulanje Police Station, the mob alleged that the woman had a hand on the death of a 12-year-old boy, McDalf Suliwa, who died mysteriously on Tuesday evening.

Grandmother to the deceased, Flora Kasonjoma told police that on Monday this week, the boy developed an ailment on the knee. She said the boy was treated as an outpatient at Mulanje District Hospital the same day.

The following day, the boy’s health got worse and he died causing anger among relatives who alleged that the woman had bewitched him.

Following this, relatives took the dead body to the woman’s house where they also assaulted her.

After receiving the report, police visited the scene and rescued the granny who has since been treated at the same health facility. The police also took the dead body to Mulanje District Hospital where medical personnel said the boy died of natural causes.

The body was then taken back home for burial after discussions between police and the concerned party.

This comes some months after a similar incident happened at Duswa village under traditional authority Sunganinzeru in the district. It has also happened at a time when the country is commemorating 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Police have since condemned acts of violence against old persons on witchcraft accusations.

The woman hails from Namijingo village, Senior Chief Chikumbu in the district where the deceased also hailed from.