Malawians plan to boycott General Kanene’s shows due to his criminal record

Malawians under a grouping called concerned citizens have expressed displeasure with General Kanene’s impending performances in the country in the wake of alarming rape and defilement cases.

The Zambian musician who was once convicted for defiling a 14-year-old girl, is scheduled to perform in the Malawi, in the near. This, has not gone well with some quarters as they believe it is against the country’s ongoing fight against rape and defilement.

A poster which has gone viral on social media encourages Malawians to protest the event organiser’s decision.

“Post this up on your status to inform organisers and all brands involved that we do not support this,” reads the poster in partial.

The protest has drawn mixed reactions from Malawians. Others are of the view that the Zambian musician is eligible to perform in the country because he served his jail term, while others believe the timing is not proper.

Political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche wrote, “Izi zitayeni izi (ignore this). A person is not guilty forever. Ndinu anthu aja mumati wokuti kukhala bwana pa office, simungalembe ntchito munthu wokuti anakhalapo ku ndende. Moyo woipa Kwambiri (If you were bosses you would not hire someone who has a criminal record. This is not on).

Pong’ani Chilamba also commented, “It is bad timing. The country is going through a lot right now. This is a stand, so that people should be aware of how bad rape is.”

The ‘general’ is expected to perform at Culture Club in Salima and Vibes in Zomba, among other venues.

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  1. In 2014, this guy was sentenced to 18 years in jail for defilement. However, he was pardoned some time earlier this year by the president. That is to say, he did not serve his full sentence for his offence.

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