Catholic Father suspended following reports of relationship with married woman


Father Charles Ndhlovu of Mzuzu Diocese has been suspended over an alleged sexual relationship with a married woman.

A letter signed by Mzuzu Diocese’s Bishop John Ryan says the father is suspended but it does not state the reason.

“I write to inform you that father Charles Ndhlovu is now suspended from all priestly ministry and all functions related to it, this suspension includes the clause that he should not reside in any diocesan house or facility,” reads part of the letter.

According to reports, Father Ndhlovu was caught red handed with a married woman in Rumphi.

This is not the first time for Father Ndhlovu to be involved in a sex scandal as he was also accused of being in a sexual relationship with a girl in Nkhatabay.

Mulefwa Jere, a Catholic member from Mchengautuwa Church expressed disappointment over Ndhlovu’s conduct.

“I am a Roman Catholic member and the news broke on Thursday that Father Charles was caught again, this will tarnish the image as people will think all Catholic priests are like that,” he said.

Roman Catholic Fathers and Sisters are not allowed to marry as they make a vow to be celibate.