Police officer fires teargas into police cell

Nine inmates in Dedza were rushed to hospital on Wednesday morning after a police officer accidentally fired teargas into a police cell.

Dedza Police deputy spokesperson Cassim Manda has confirmed the incident.

According to Manda, at around 9AM Dedza police received a report that some people in area of Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza had torched to death a yet to be identified individual.

Since the report was saying that the irate mob was equipped with very dangerous weapons, the officers prepared themselves with riot guns meant for dispersing people.

During safety precaution process, one of the officers accidentally fired the teargas which scattered out to some offices and went further to the police cell.

“Despite the respiratory irritation caused by teargas, officers managed to open its police cells and let the inmates out,” said Manda.

He added that nine inmates were taken to Dedza district hospital where two have been admitted, six others were placed on medical observation and one was treated as an outpatient.

Some of the police officers also suffered from teargas as they were trying to take the inmates out of cells.

The hospital report has shown that the inmates and some police officers had suffered from suffocation that has led to headache and chest pain.

According to Manda, the six inmates who were placed on medical observation are recovering from irritation.

Meanwhile, Dedza police has thanked Dedza district hospital personnel for the quick assistance they rendered to the inmates.