Lipipa speaks on DPP squabbles: ‘Nankhumwa was divisive, had to go’


Blantyre City South Member of Parliament Noel Lipipa says the firing of Kondwani Nankhumwa was good for the party as he was sowing seeds of division.

Nankhumwa was fired together with Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, Treasurer General Jappie Mhango and Mulanje West lawmaker Yusuf Nthenda for what the committee called gross misconduct.

In an exclusive interview with Capital FM on Thursday, Lipipa said there was nothing wrong in the decision to fire them.

He said by challenging the hierarchy of the party, Nankhumwa and others were dividing the party.


“Nankhumwa was challenging APM because he is out of government. I wonder if he would have challenged APM if we were still in government. Leaving such people in the party is cancerous; as such, removing them is best decision ever to completely destroy the cancer,” he said.

He further noted that with or without Lipipa, or anyone else, DPP will always remain strong, refuting rumors that the party is falling apart.

“DPP will bounce back in 2025 but the party needs Mutharika, at this moment, because of his political experience and, also, because he finances the party as people do not contribute,” he noted.

Lipipa further said that Mutharika should not be seen as an old person but a person with the needed political experience.

In addition, Lipipa also defended Mutharika’s legacy pointing out that, as a party, DPP has neither been corrupt nor nepotistic.

“There are some public servants, with connection to DPP, who are corrupt and nepotistic and these ones must face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

He revealed that while in office, Mutharika was not aware of corrupt practices that some of the public servants, working with him, were doing in his name.

Asked about his future political steps, Lipipa said during convention, he will not contest for the seat of the President because he is still inexperienced.

“I will contest a higher office that handles finances because I am experienced in this area and, also, to help the party raise funds for its operation,” he said.