Magistrate arrested for receiving bribes in three divorce cases

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested His Worship Harry Ngulube of Chiseka Magistrate’s Court for receiving bribes from parties in three different divorce cases.

According to ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala, the bureau in January, 2019, received a complaint that His Worship Harry Ngulube of Chiseka Magistrate’s Court solicited advantage in order to rule in favour of parties in the distribution of matrimonial properties.

The ACB investigated the matter and established that His Worship Ngulube solicited advantage in three divorce cases involving poor Malawian villagers.

“He received various some of money from three parties respectively in three different divorce cases to rule in their favour,” said Ndala.

The third grade magistrate is suspected to have pocketed over K600,000 and at least 28 bags of Maize

On 5th October, 2020, the ACB arrested Ngulube. He is suspected to have abused office and solicited advantage.

He will be taken to court after the Bureau has interviewed him.