Police yet to arrest woman who poured hot porridge on husband


Police have said that they are yet to arrest the woman who scalded her husband with hot porridge on Tuesday.

Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza said the law enforcers have launched a manhunt to apprehend the suspect identified as Falesi Lucia Mwale, of Kasukusila village, Traditional Authority Mwase in Kasungu.

He appealed to anybody having the information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect to tip the police.

Mwale on Tuesday poured hot porridge on her husband after a disagreement that erupted over a piece of land.

Namwaza identified the victim as Chikumbutso Banda of Kalonga village, Traditional Authority Chadza in Lilongwe.

“It is alleged that, in the afternoon hours of the day in material, the family picked a quarrel over a piece of land belonging to the wife. It is alleged that, the victim’s wife gave a piece of land to a certain person on sub lease, a thing which the victim was against,” he explained

Acccording to Namwaza, the victim advised his wife not to give that piece of land to the person in question but instead the person should be given another piece of land because her family had an issue over the same piece of land in question which were not yet resolved.

This did not please the wife who during the night at around 22:00 hours prepared hot porridge which she poured on the victim and run away.

The victim was taken to Kasungu District Hospital where he is receiving treatment.


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  1. Koma anakakhala kuti ndi wamunayo anapanga nkhanza zimenezi ama bungwe,a minister, bwezi ali wowowo ndipo pano tikukamba zoti alimuchitokosi ndipo amutsegulira mulandu koma poti wachitidwa zimenezi ndi wamuna nde haa news 24 basi yakwana.

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