Mzuzu Stadium ‘ready’ to host games despite water woes


Mzuzu stadium manager Paul Machilika say the stadium is ready to host Tnm Super league games even though the taps are at the stadium are dry and workers are using water from a stream to water the pitch.

Machilika said almost all things are set for the ground to be used during Super League games.

“We started preparations some weeks ago and almost everything is set to host the Super League games, we are watering the ground and come end of November the ground will be complete green,” said Machilika.

But after visiting the stadium, it was noted that the stadium has dry taps, no water in the toilets and workers at the stadium are using a small water pump to water the main pitch from a nearby stream that passes behind Mzuzu Stadium.

In 2019, Mzuzu City Council set aside a budget of 500 million Kwacha for expansion of Mzuzu stadium’s capacity from 15 000 to 25 000 but today no work has been done.

The facility was built in 1970 by Prison labour during former Malawi president Hastings Kamuzu Banda Regime.