NRFA accused of breaching own constitution


Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) has been accused of breaching own constitution after it announced that teams will not vote at the association’s elective general conference.

The conference will be held on 18th October, 2020 at Sambani lodge in Nkhatabay.

The Constitution and the NRFA Statutes clearly constitutes football clubs, Premier Division League and the Division One League as bonafide affiliates to the NRFA Annual General Assembly.

But a letter signed by the Association’s General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu says only three members from the district football committees will be allowed to vote.

Nyasulu said representatives of clubs will not be able to vote at the meeting because it will be difficult to determine which clubs will send delegates.

“Since we don’t have a running league for both Premier League Clubs and Division One Clubs, it is impossible to identify delegates from such leagues hence there will be no representation from the cited leagues as delegates,” he said.

A Football Association of Malawi (FAM) executive member has since accused the NRFA of attempting to breach its own rules on delegates.

“That is a clear sign that they are really panicking by wanting to rape the NRFA constitution. SULOM had their AGM last week despite suspension of the league because of COVID-19. Therefore, NRFA cannot say they cannot trace the teams since the teams are not playing,” he said.

It has also been established that the country’s soccer governing body FAM has not yet given the NRFA permission to proceed with the idea of having its AGM in October.

The FAM executive member said it’s only FAM that can give the NRFA a go ahead and set a date for elections and FAM is yet to do so.

The source further revealed that FAM executive will be meeting over the weekend to discuss a number of soccer development programs where among others a decision will be made on regional elections to be held in all member associations in the South, Central and Northern Region Football Associations.